Climbing Mount Olympus - 2 days

Mount Olympus is famous not only as the place where the ancient Greek gods used to live, but also for the beautiful nature and amazing hikes up to the top. Come with us for a 2 day trekking to Mt. Olympus and you will discover one of the best scenarios Greece has to offer. The technical difficulties are not big, so anybody can do it.

Hike description:

Day 1: The tour starts from Litohoro a picturesque town at the foot of Olympus next to the ancient canyon of Enypeas river. From Litohoro the road will take us through a lass forest to the location ‘Prionia’, at 900 meters next to the wild canyon of Enypeas. The path starts here escalating through ancient forests of black conifers and deep canyons. After 3 hours we reach the Refuge A at 2100 meters where we have a short break for coffee, drinks or traditional sweets and beautiful glimpses of the peak. After refuge the path continue in a wild alpine scenery. The path is quite steep and rough here but after 2.30 we reach the high plateau called ‘Musses’ at 2450 meters altitude. The views from this plateau is something you will never forget. In this plateau there is the highest refuge on Mt Olympus: "Christos Kakalos" where we will stay for the night.

Day 2: We have a quick breakfast and start early at 8, we take the path to the foot of the highest peak, 1 hour. There we have a short briefing about how we are going to do the easy climb, scrambling, to the very top, and give you all the necessary equipment. After 1 hour we are at the top of the highest mountain in Greece 2918 meters that is called ‘Mitikas’. Weather permitting you will have views of the most of the high mountains of Greece. After the necessary pictures we take the hike back to the refuge and from there to the starting point, 4 hours. Hiking in Mt Olympus is a unique experience you should definitely try when in Greece.

What is included:

Transport from arranged pick-up point: Volos, Larissa or Katerini (every hour there is bus connecting Thessaloniki to Katerini); Guide; Accommodation for 1 nights in the refuge; Snacks during the hikes.

Not included: breakfast and lunches (the refuge offers meals at decent prices). There is also the option to cary food up the mountain. 


A good physical condition is required.


Due to the presence of snow this tour is available only from June to October


120 Euros / person

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